Portraits - Carlos T Medina

Doing portraits can be a very creative endeavor. Even if someone is looking for some basic head shots, or typical baby pictures. Some times I think I am not a people person, but I think deep down we are all people people! I love meeting new people and getting to know them. When I do portraits I have to get to know the people. Of course I can just compose a great shot and get all the lighting technically correct, but portraits are personal. Capturing someone's personality is important to me. We are all individuals and every family or group is unique in its own way. I do keep the process simple though. I do not have a retail location and I do very limited work from my home. Whether it is a large family, small family, individuals, with pets, or without, I can find a great location for your portraits or I would be happy to explore your own location.  I have an $100 hourly rate for sessions. If the location is within 10 miles of the 19406 zip code there will not be any travel charges, but if you want anything outside of that area there will be an additional travel surcharge to cover any of my travel expenses. I do not mind traveling by truck,  by train, by boat, or plane, I will be there. All prints can be ordered from my site a la carte

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